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Analytikus was nominated as a Top Predictive Analytics Company in Florida by futurology

Actualizado: 3 ago 2021

Futurology and Futurology Life Magazine, are established as the foremost authority on innovative business.

From the time a student begins considering which college to attend until the time they graduate, the journey is filled with challenges. However, along with those challenges come countless data points that our solutions convert into actionable intelligence and insights for Higher Education Institutions.

In Analytikus, our suite of Student Success products assists organizations in recruitment, retention, completion, and lifelong learning. Along the journey, our teaching and learning AI Cognitive Analyzer solution enables multiple use-cases for course content, skills mapping, and online class pattern-based analytics.

We want to thanks futurology for this nomination and congratulate the other brilliant companies who were also featured.

If you have please contact us, give us a call at +1 786 800 3062 or send an email to

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